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Investment Management

Client Centered

While we rely on planning to direct portfolio design, we craft investment policy statements based on the unique needs of each client. While clients often entrust our team with their entire investment portfolio, we will engage with clients on individual investment offerings, such as separately managed accounts, private equity or individual equity strategies. 

We follow commentary from a number of market analysts and economists to help us understand market conditions and direction. We utilize both fundamental research and technical indicators to help us tilt portfolios defensively during times of market stress and offensively when the market is in expansion mode. Our process helps our clients stay invested and focused on their goals knowing we are not going to sit on our hands when market conditions change.

Mutual Fund, ETF, & Stock Investing

We build and manage individual stock models as well as ETF and Mutual Fund models. Contact us to learn more.

Bond Portfolios

We construct bond portfolios to meet investors' needs for income, liquidity, and preservation of capital. We manage bond maturities, so we can meet client cash flow needs. 

Separately Managed Accounts

We utilize separately managed account managers who have demonstrated long term outperformance over their benchmarks.

Private Equity, Credit, & Real Estate

We offer a number of private investment opportunities. Contact us today to learn more about our current offerings.